How To Build Your Own Wind And Solar Power System

energy2greenTomas have spent a great part of my life working for power plants and electricity companies. He no longer fear to share what he has learned over the years.lcd

Power companies are charging you way too much for electricity! They have been using the recent fuel problems to justify their price increases, but this just isn’t fair to people like you and I.

You know why?

Because power production costs are way under what people believe them to be!


Power companies are charging ridiculously high costs for their electricity because they know that no matter how much they ask you to pay for it, you will HAVE to pay it.

Who can live without electricity, right? They will help you get out of this exploitation circle.



Energy2Green kit is going to teach you everything you need to know to reduce your utility bills to $10 a month or even eliminate them completely. Even better: if you produce more energy than you use, the power company will actually pay you for your electricity.

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Windmills and solar panels are being sold at prices averaging $3000. I am here to teach you how to make your own for less than $200!My Energy2Green manual is going to teach you everything you need to know to convert your house into a green home even with an extremely limited budget.

Most people believe the only way to get solar and wind power is to buy factory-built panels and windmills and that it is too costly to be envisageable by average-class people.

WRONG! They can show you the OTHER way most people don’t know about. The CHEAP way.


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No time to create your own Windmill Power Plant?

1alsxuGOWE 600W max Wind turbines,12V/24V windmill +Wind/solar hybrid controller(LCD display)+600w off grid pure sine wave inverter.

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Wind is in nature inexhaustible energy, but also not pollute the environment is one of the energy. Changing the wind energy to power energy is used in industry production and normal life,which is human ideal energy acquisition modes.

GOWE 600W max Wind turbines,12V/24V windmill +Wind/solar hybrid controller(LCD display)+600w off grid pure sine wave inverter.

This Wind Turbine Generator includes a high efficiency motor to get the most from the turbine.This turbine comes with one of the best warranties in the industry.

This wind generator turbine is small yet versatile turbine and can produce up to 600 Watts Max. It features a special coating that protects the generator, making it suitable for locations. The turbine begins to supply power in wind speeds as low as 3m/s.

packing list: 1. Wind turbine; 2. 3 PCS of blades; 3. Wind turbine hub; 4. Screw bolts and nose cone; 5. Wind controller with LCD display; 6. Off grid pure sine wave inverter 600W;

1. Streamlined design,simple structure,running stably,power supply for city lamp,monitoring and home.

2. Small size and flexibility,lively Colors,beautiful curve,low noise and environmental harmony.

3. Anti-Rust,Anti-Corruption Damp-Proof,Water-Proof,Stand-Proof.

4. Brand New in box.

5. CE Certificate.

6. ISO9001:2000 Quality Certification.

7. ROHS Certification.

8. Large power, low volume, high efficiency.

9. Carbon fiber blades, high efficiency of anti-wind ability,move mutely and steadily.

10. Blades with the ability of automatically stall protection under strong wind .