Should You Install Solar Panels On Your Own Home? by sadmin

Posted on Sunday, September 11th, 2016

Should You Set Solar In Your House?

The U.S. solar market is on pace for a record breaking year. Based on the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) the U.S. will have installed almost 8,000 megawatts of solar in 2015, and the residential market will have grown 70% year-over-year. Because of this, there’s now enough solar in the U.S. to power more than 4.6 million American homes!


What’s behind the massive growth of solar?

Several factors are driving the ever-growing adoption of solar, including a generous federal tax credit, dropping setup prices, and improved technologies.

As more experience is gained by installers they ’ve become better at the same time. Setups that used to take days are now able to be done in only hours, which has helped drive down the total price of solar.

How do you get solar on your home?

There are currently three ways homeowners can add solar to their home. The first is by simply purchasing the solar power system and having it installed, the second is by leasing the solar power system from a company that installs and maintains it, and the third is through a Power Purchase Agreement. Each method has its own benefits and its own drawbacks, so it’s important to consider which option is best for your individual needs.

We makes it easy to compare options. You just fill out a form with some basic information about your home, and a solar specialist will help you identify the top solar installers in your area. Because these installers know you’re shopping around, they’re going to give you their best deal right from the start, so you can avoid the hassle of haggling over the price of your system.


Buying your own solar electricity system usually has the greatest upfront prices, but can also provide the greatest economies in the long-term. Nevertheless, this advantage comes with the duty of upkeep and care of the system moving.

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