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Posted on Saturday, September 3rd, 2016

Solar panel systems allow you to protect against increasing utility prices and save money. Nevertheless, your 20-year solar savings rely on your geographical area.

There are several important variables that determine what you can save:

Electricity speeds: If your home is someplace with high electricity rates in comparison with other areas, your solar energy savings will be higher thanks to electricity prices that are avoided.

Financial incentives that are local: Solar funding: You will find three important solar funding options: cash purchases, loans that are solar, and solar leases/PPAs. Each choice offers another value proposition and long term yield.


Edges of solar energy:

The example below illustrates what your fundamental savings might appear to be before using any local or state incentives, according to how you decide to fund your solar panel system.

With this scenario, we’ve supposed a a yearly electricity rate increase of three percent, and a monthly electric bill of $100. The net setup price equals the overall price of going solar minus the 30 percent federal tax credit for solar.

Bear in mind that under the premises above you’d expect to pay your utility about $25,000 for your electricity over the next 20 years.


These economies are only the start. In several cases, there will be local, state or utility software that can reduce your out-of-pocket costs as well as allow you to produce income from your own solar energy system:

According to your geographical area, it is possible to reduce your out-of-pocket costs with tax credits and cash rebates. Like the national investment tax credit (ITC) for solar, some states will let you deduct part of the price of your solar energy system out of your taxes. You may even qualify for a cash rebate, generally priced per watt, from utility or your state government.

They are able to significantly enhance the worth of your solar panel system while the cost of an SREC changes depending on your geographical area.

By going solar instances of the added monetary benefits you are able to receive are below. Nevertheless, remember that financial incentives change considerably from state to state. So that you can completely comprehend how much you are able to save by going solar, we advocate using EnergySage’s Solar Calculator to get a tailored approximation of your savings when you purchase (in cash or with a solar loan) or rent a solar energy system. SolarEnergy

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